We are not the only ones who have set out to help the homeless.

But our aim is to help a very particular group of people.

You can call them the disenfranchised, the lost, the forgotten, the people that are not considered ‘priority’. They are people for whom society has not provided a safety net.

#IamTutus : On the 19th of March, the Tutus House team sleep out!


This will give the opportunity for the Founders and Leadership Team to experience first hand what it’s really like to spend a cold night on the streets, as well as to interact with and where needed assist rough sleepers with the support of other volunteers on the night.

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“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”

Maya Angelou – poet and civil rights activist

At Tutus House, we are all about helping the disenfranchised to escape the street, and then providing a path into work. ‘Tutus’ is Latin for ‘safety’, and this is what we aim to create.

Our goal is to create a Tutus House community. We will create different initiatives to achieve this. Potentially, they will include a community residence, a bus that provides mobile support, and a restaurant where the homeless can learn new skills and serve people at the same time.

The disenfranchised

There is a significant, but neglected, demographic within the homeless support sector; the homeless so-called “non-priority” youth and adults. These can be people – who often led previously functional lives – who now because of market conditions or lack of social care are struggling to find affordable housing. They fall down through the cracks in society into homelessness.

Our ambition

Our ambition is practical and sustainable. It is to build a business that will ultimately lead to our own Tutus House residence. Here, we’ll provide emotional support and life or vocational skills to people that need them.

By engaging with our corporate partners and the wider community, we will enable those individuals to find a route back to self-worth, employment and, most importantly, permanent housing.

Our initiatives

Tutus House will provide initiatives and generate funds to support our members (the homeless people we help) back into accommodation and a working life.

To break the cycle of homelessness, Tutus House seeks to provide its members with a skills-based route back to the jobs market.

Our current initiatives

Pop-up Executive

The Pop-Up Executive is an advisory service offering help and support to other Social Enterprises. We work with companies and entrepreneurs who wish to invest some of their profits in the social sector.

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Mission statement

  • To provide homeless, disadvantaged, disenfranchised and isolated people with a safe-haven and a community.
  • To build a family/community, providing emotional support and practical life/economic skills.
  • To enable Tutus House members to find self-confidence within themselves and re-engage with society with a route to sustainable employment.

Aims and objectives

To address the emotional needs, as well as practical issues, facing the homeless and those who have found themselves on the fringe of society.

Tutus House is intended to provide a safe space and an educational platform.  We help members gain practical life skills through lectures and workshops, producing a sense of inclusion and self-worth.

These initiatives will be supported/sponsored by our corporate partners and by Tutus House.

The Founders

Rara Plumptre and James Reid are the founding members of Tutus House.

Both of the founders have been affected by social inequality and prejudice and they are both passionate advocates for re-dressing the balance in favour of a fairer and more just society.

Both are serial entrepreneurs and have set up a number of businesses between them.

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Tutus House
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‘We fight for human dignity and for an honourable life’